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About me:

Creating a graphic design project is a challenge.It's very rewarding to look at a finished design and say I did that.

I am a native of Pittsburg Pennsylvania and moved to California right right out of highschool to find myself working in manufacturing.The only good thing about it was designing the parts in MasterCam.After getting layed off,the plan was to change careers,So here I am doing what I like and pushing to learn more.

As you can see above I like,biking,hiking,snowboarding,wakeboarding and anything outdoors.You can click on the Flikr link below to see more pictures.


Certificates in the following,AutoCad,MasterCam,HTML.XHTML/CSS, PHP/MySQL,Webdesign,Adobe Dreamweaver,Flash,InDesign,and Illustrator.

I put this site up hand coded XHTML/CSS,Using Illustrator,InDesign some help with Photoshop,a pencil and paper.I will update this site occasionally.


I am currently using Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection CS3 and CS5.So there you have it.If you need any more information or have any Design work available, click on contact and send me a message.

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